G2M2 Explore Length
In Mission 2, students will draw critical connections between measurement units and the base ten system. This will help students deeply understand the relationship between tens and ones, the relationship between meters and centimeters, and the similarities between the two systems.

Independent Digital Lessons

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Get students out of their seats. Have fun measuring items around the room and using centimeter cubes, centimeter rulers, and meter sticks.
Heads up! Be sure kids have centimeter rulers and scissors to use while completing Independent Digital Lessons!

Independent Digital Lessons

Guided Practice
Independent Practice
Lesson 1 Block by Block
Connect measurement with physical units by using multiple copies of the same physical unit to measure
Lesson 2 Mark and Move
Use iteration with one physical unit to measure
Lesson 3 Rulers Rule
Apply concepts to create unit rulers and measure lengths using unit rulers
Topic B: Measure and Estimate Length Using Different Measurement Tools
Lesson 4 Meter or CentiMeter?
Measure various objects using centimeter rulers and meter sticks
Lesson 5 BenchMark It
Develop estimation strategies by applying prior knowledge of length and using mental benchmarks
Topic C: Measure and Compare Lengths Using Different Length Units
Lesson 6 How Much Longer?
Measure and compare lengths using centimeters and meters
Lesson 7 Measure with Objects
Measure and compare lengths using standard metric length units and non-standard length units; relate measurement to unit size
Topic D: Relate Addition and Subtraction to Length
Lesson 8 Tape-tastic!
Solve addition and subtraction word problems using the ruler as a number line
Lesson 9 Tape Diagram Jam
Measure lengths of string using measurement tools, and use tape diagrams to represent and compare lengths
Lesson 10 Measure and Step
Apply conceptual understanding of measurement by solving two-step word problems

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