Zearn Math for Districts and Schools

School Accounts

Insights, support, and services for administrators to lead a strong Zearn Math implementation

Reports for Administrators: Real-time data and insights to track usage, ensure students are on track to complete grade-level content, and identify classrooms that need support.

Implementation Playbook and Ongoing Support: Yearlong guidance for administrators to support school-level and district-level implementation.

Rostering Services: Seamless and secure setup for all staff and student accounts as well as access to automated Clever roster management and instant login.

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2019-20 Price:
$2,500 per school

Professional Development

Comprehensive PD that builds deep pedagogical content knowledge and supports teachers as they implement Zearn Math

Curriculum Study PD: Strengthens teachers' pedagogical content knowledge of fluency, application, and conceptual work in order to meet the needs of the range of learners in their classroom. Includes one hour-long session for every Mission of the curriculum, and is intended to be completed in grade-level teams throughout the year as teachers prepare for upcoming instruction. Preview Curriculum Study PD for Grade 3 Mission 1.

Classroom Implementation PD: Supports teachers as they implement Zearn Math. Training includes an in-depth look at the resources and reports available for instruction, the rotational classroom model, and the classroom systems that support independent learning. Includes 3 one-hour sessions, designed to be completed at the start of the year.

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2019-20 Price:
$2,500 per school for year-long access to Curriculum Study and Classroom Implementation PD
$500 per school for year-long access to Classroom Implementation PD only

Printed Materials

Student Workbooks: Critical daily paper materials for students in spiral-bound Workbook. Includes Student Notes, Exit Tickets, and Goal Trackers.

Teacher Answer Keys: Solutions to Student Notes and Exit Tickets to quickly and accurately check student work.

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2019-20 Price:
$28 per Student Workbook
$75 per Teacher Answer Key

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