All children can love learning math

We are a nonprofit on a mission to ensure every child loves learning math. To achieve our mission, we built Zearn Math, a groundbreaking curriculum and classroom model that supports differentiation and engagement for all students.

Zearn Math is a coherent and rigorous K-5 curriculum delivered in a personalized rotational model. Zearn Math is designed so that each day, students work through engaging digital content at their own pace and learn targeted lessons with their teacher and peers. Zearn Math is built on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, a set of research-based guidelines for developing flexible learning environments that accommodate individual learning differences. Zearn Math aligns with UDL principles by providing students with multiple ways of acquiring knowledge, showing understanding, and engaging in learning. Students learn by demonstrating their math thinking with concrete and virtual manipulatives, explaining their reasoning aloud and on paper, and receiving personalized support throughout their learning.

Zearn Math enables individualized learning with comprehensive and aligned curricular materials: Independent Digital Lessons, Small Group Lessons, Whole Group Materials, and Assessments. To support districts and schools with implementation, Zearn offers School Accounts, Professional Development, and Printed Materials.

In Fall 2017, Zearn Math received a top rating by, an independent nonprofit that delivers evidence-based reviews of instructional materials. Zearn Math is also rated a Tier 1 curricular resource by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Zearn Math is used by millions of educators and students across the country – and growing. Classrooms teaching with Zearn Math experience improved academic results; in 2017, we published a Case Study of gains achieved with Zearn Math. Students who learn with Zearn Math report greater love of math and higher self-perception of math competence, while teachers who teach with Zearn Math report that they are better able to reach every student.

Zearn is committed to access and equity so that all students can love learning math.